Hi there, my name is
Taylor Vowell
and I leverage Marketing and Technology to achieve sustainable growth.

About Me

I am a father of 3, an avid comic book and sports card collector, and have a passion for combining marketing and technology to create experiences that drive results. For over 12+ years as a data-driven Growth and Digital Marketing leader, I have lead teams to drive revenue growth in a wide variety of industries, including recently at Ent Credit Union, Colorado's largest credit union closing in on $10bn in assets and over 430k+ members.

I take a full-funnel and holistic approach to delivering optimal omnichannel experiences leveraging marketing technology, automation, AI/ML decisioning and analytics to optimize the customer experience throughout their entire lifecycle and to deliver 1:1 hyper-personalized campaigns at scale.

My team’s focus has been on driving incremental and continual improvements through experimentation to key metrics such as LTV, CAC, ROAS, Products Per Customer, Net Promoter Score, Cost of Servicing, Retention and Churn rates.

I am currently seeking new opportunities and am open to relocating anywhere in the US. Let's set up a call to chat about your organization's needs and how I may be able to help!

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The Logician




  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
  • Marketing Technology & Automation
  • Performance & Growth Marketing
  • 1:1 Hyper-personalization
  • Data, Analytics & Attribution
  • CRM Lifecycle & Retention Marketing
  • A/B Testing & Experimentation
  • Organic & Paid Acquisition
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Skill level:
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
  • User Journey & Persona Development
  • UX/CX Design
  • Product Management
  • Web Design & Development
  • SAFe
  • Interaction & UI Design
  • React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS
  • Prototyping (Proto.io, Figma)
  • Skill level:
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
  • CDP (Segment, Rudderstack, Blueshift)
  • CMS Platforms (Optimizely, Wordpress, and headless solutions)
  • Marketing Automation Tools (Active Campaign, Blueshift, Pega, HubSpot and more)
  • CRM & Customer Engagment Platforms
  • A/B Testing & Experimentation
  • Product Analytics Tools (Heap, MixPanel, Google Analytics)
  • Next.js, React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Node.js
  • AWS, Netlify, Vercel, GitHub, CloudFlare, Fauna
  • Campaign Attribution & Deep Linking Tools

Clifton Strengths




Though actually doing web and graphic design is not my main area of focus anymore, it sure is fun to do! Here are a handful of items from my portfolio over the last 13 years.

Web & App Development

Brand Design

Rapid Prototyping

Last year I took a week off after my 2nd kiddo was born... during that week, and in between diaper changes, I set out to showcase how 1:1 marketing automation would integrate into a mobile banking application... and I got obsessed. By the end of the week I had an interactive, high-fidelity prototype. Oh and I had a 1-week-old and a slightly irritated wife (thanks for putting up with my obsessive work habits, Kelsey!)

My 3rd kiddo is due in July. What will I dream up for your company on my week off?

When employees stop challenging the way things are done, because
'that's the way it's always been done'
You are destined to fail.
Taylor Vowell


Over the last 8 years I have been blessed to lead a variety of extremely talented, dedicated, passionate and diverse teams. It's my job to give the tools my team needs to succeed.. have it be professional development, training opportunities, or even personal development. I feel an obligation to influence and inspire those around me by leading by example, sharing my expertise and being a mentor those that report to me can be proud of. Develop a team that will dig into the trenches with you when needed, then turn around and photoshop you as an elf for their Zoom background. Life's too short, have fun at work.

My Three e's


Hire the right people, give them the tools to succeed, set clear expectations and goals, then get out of their way.


Keep your team engaged each day by making sure their voice gets heard, their work matters, and by giving access to training and growth opportunities.


We are all human, and work shouldn't be something we hate. Have fun, take risks, kick some butt, and above all respect work-life-balance.

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Taylor Vowell

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